Temptation  (Club Destiny, #2) - Nicole Edwards Too much thinking, too much walking away, a chore to finish this book
The title of my review says it all, i really liked nothing about this book,the characters and the writing. I don't really hate it, so 1.5stars would be my rating but only because I dont care enough about these people. They are adults but they seem to be suffering constantly for no apparent reason. They all walk away when they should be talking. They themselves say so, but something holds them back. I think this author either does not know what to do with the characters or wrote all the sex scenes down then forgot how to connect them. There is as usual minimal dialogue in the book, perhaps because the dialogue that is there is so unreal and stilted. It was a constant repeat of sex scene after which the next chapter would start "two weeks later....." Blah blah blah, we have issues but we haven't talked yet. It read like the worst of Lora Leigh books.

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