Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha very sexy, the best of this series,

I was very happy to get this book, as I liked the idea of the book and world built within but the previous two stories seemed to just rub me the wrong way. This book flowed smoothly and finally I was reading about the characters I liked. I still like Dallas, Lex, Jas and Noelle, but the choppiness of the previous books was missing and I liked that. The book had its action moments but they did not overwhelm the erotica storyline and the villain was dealt with without much to-do. I thought Six was very well characterized and her struggle to understand her worth was very much connected but not dependent on Bren, yet I don't think that's what the story is about. I still find the author's voice(s) a little preachy about a woman finding her worth and all that but at the end they all end up with men and that's fine with me. I would recommend this book.

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