Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin Not for the faint of heart, but a love story nevertheless.
Most of this book, was raw, tough and almost like an emotional obstacle course. For the characters and for me as a reader. This was not a book for comfort reading and there was no lightness to this book. It was all heavy themes of bondage, torture, kidnapping, burn and all written to somehow pull down the storyline to the grimmest of human relationships and emotion. Yet, the shining light in all of this was how the book actually started with Jay and Charlee meeting for just one hour and that was enough to change them and their world. The story was beautifully told around these two people and their need to be together and how they paid a price for it. It was so compelling that even the people around them saw it as a rare and simple love and supported it so completely.
Plotwise, the action part of the story seemed poorly strung together, but that is not why I read this book. The villain was one of those uber-rich, uber-cruel, uber-powerful.....well he was just an uber-villain shall we say, but why he was that way was not explored and perhaps not the point of the story. I was ok with that because anyone so mean does not deserve to have more than a few sentences written about him, but it would have been more gripping as a suspense story had I known his back-story.
These two characters, Charlee and Jay will stay with me for a long time, they were troubled yet sweet to each other, in a way that is rare, for that I give this book and this author, 5 shiny, tattooed, rockin' stars!

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