Nobody's Hero - Kallypso Masters This book is a keeper, Adam is dreamy!
I think this must be the 10th time I am reading this story, for the sweetness of the story and the connection between the H and h. I think KM knocked it out of the park with this one and is the best book of all her series. I think when there's a book such as this one that is an all-around winner it is not an easy act to follow. Karla and Adam are very memorable, not only for the romance and love between them, played out in the setting of a BDSM club and other contexts, but they are also memorable because they are imperfect people and make mistakes. The great part of this book is that we are carried forward with the characters on their journey and yes, there are sad events happening to the people in this story but they do grow and we are along for the ride. One of the things I really liked about this is that Adam's struggles are fully described but at no time does he have contempt for women in his past. This makes his love for Karla more believable to me. I loved this book and it is a keeper that I read every few months, I recommend this beautiful book.

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