Unsticky - Sarra Manning Vaughn and Grace!! I wanted so much for them to be happy!
The title of my review, sums up my feelings about this book. In the sense that these two characters became almost real people to me, because they were so imperfect. Its really a sweet book about a not so likeable hero and sometime silly and irresponsible heroine. And of course the fashion which I loved was included and described in this book. There was a lot left to the imagination of the reader, and the story was skillfully woven with moments of high-drama and other of almost peace with something dramatic lurking around the corner. I don't know any millionaire art-dealers but i think the characters and personalities were the most real I have ever read. The reason i did not give this book all 5 stars is because of the end, it is abrupt, although i do agree with other reviewers that Grace was finally taking action at the end, the wording itself was abrupt and it gave a very polished book and unpolished ending.

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