Willing Sacrifice - Joey W. Hill Well written book. The Domme was hard, edgy and unlikeable.
This book was a well written book. It is not the best among the series, i think Ben and Marcie's story was the best, and one of edgiest books in the genre. The reason I did not give it more than two stars was because reading about Janet the ballerina Domme was like reading about a harsh, cruel, person.....specifically one who gave up on Max twice in the course of this book itself. Run! Max! Just run!!!! I thought Janet was not just a Domme and a work-robot but I think she was mean to Max and if I had been reading about a hero who behaved similarly, i would probably never even finish reading the book. The other part of this book that I did not like was the lecturing, the lessons, the smug quality of the bdsm experts. There was a lot of unecessary explanation of the importance of the inch of space between her thigh and his hand and how that was significant which was utterly boring and not one sex-scene happened without a lecture before or after. So I skipped as much of this as I could, which then left me with nothing really erotic to read. So for a well written book, and a long one, i could not really find anything to like here and I give it 2stars.

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