Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning I can't imagine anyone reading this and not falling head over heels for Eric!
I haven't come across a sweet man like Eric Sticks, in a long long while. I wish a lot more people were like this character, it would make for a better world, I think. i adored this book and both Reb and Eric are among the sweetest, quite muddled, highly libidinous characters, that I will have no choice but to remember for sometime to come, their antics male it so. The smexing is on the Olympic scale, if there were such a thing.....there was so much of it. Surprisingly though, it did not read as pure erotica to me, because the emotional connection was there from the start. i just love it when a hero sees his woman for the first time and then there's no stopping him in his pursuit. What a wild ride though. Not much happens as a plot in the book, but I did not miss the convolutions that sometimes distract from the romance. this book, was for me, just right and a keeper in this series.

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