Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning A sad hero, an unprofessional domme and a disjointed book. 1.5*
This book was a very sad book, with a lot of pain in it, for the characters and especially the hero. Jace was too much in his head and although I felt much sympathy for him throughout the book and he stole every scene in the book, I was not able to think of him as a Hero. He had too much growing to do to, his problems could not be dealt with as easily as Aggie the unprofessional domme seemed to do. She tried to draw him out of his world towards the end, I found it unbelievable that it could be so easy for someone who was carrying so much pain in his short life. I did not like Aggie at all, the first scene in the dungeon where she insisted he have a Safe-word or leave, then insisted that she would never break skin or make a client bleed, and then proceeded to lose control and do exactly that, put me off this story irreversibly.
The first part of the book was all hardcore bdsm, pain infliction, lick my boots loser, domme stuff. Once again an author tries to write this type of character, ignoring the impact on the mostly female reader who will have difficulty identifying with such a woman. It is the job then, of the author, to explain the motivations of such a dominating woman before we can be entertained by a love interest and sex scenes. Otherwise she just seems like a mean woman who enjoys inflicting pain, and in this case loses control and professionalism. Why are women portrayed like this, even as a supposedly strong and professional woman, albeit with issues of her own, with a heart that wants love, she is so easily driven past her threshold of control and does a truly horrible thing to this man?
The rest of the book, is on the tour bus, which part at least I found interesting because of the other members of the band and secondary plots. Almost conveniently, the Hero gets shot preventing a mugging and Aggie is then able to spend time with him on his tour. It was so contrived and once again, the plot twist at the unecessary expense of bodily harm to this sad sad Hero. Really, hadn't he been through enough in his life, he had to get shot too? This book was a huge disappointment to me, I give it 1.5 stars.

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