The Nature of Cruelty - L.H. Cosway I recommend this book and this author, creative and imaginative story-writing!
I liked this book and I was into it so much that I could not stop reading even when I got frustrated with the heroine, Lana. It says a lot about this author's writing that even though the actions of the heroine were not completely admirable, I was still glued to the book and wanted to see how things would be resolved. The writing is smooth and flowing even though there are some sections that switch between different time periods. I was completely committed to finding out how the difficulties between these two lovely people would be resolved and it was, just not in such an unbelievable way. For all her compassion and sympathy, I don't think that Lana saw Robert as a truly changed person and was trying to punish him a little in the end. This made me sad and considering the rest of the story did not fit, IMO. However, I give the book a full 5 stars because of this author's story-telling skills, she is amazing and delivers an original story about sympathetic people every time.

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