Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway Truly great book and an author to watch
I just finished reading this book. What do you write about a book that has everything in it. I mean everything i was looking for in a romance. Both Freda and Nicholas are lovable, not in an obvious way but because of their issues maybe even more so than a perfect couple. After the first meeting, you can start to see the sparks fly, then there's a few surprises but nothing awful, jarring, to spoil what is a sweet journey to love. I cant think of one thing critical to say about this book. In the book, we spend most of the time in Freda's mind, tangents and all. But it was the very brief moments in Nicholas' mind that were far more endearing. I would have loved to know more, because it was clear he loved his girl and that brief glimpse at the end told me that this author knows what her reader is looking for, we started with Nicholas and we ended with him. I recommend this book highly to anyone, and with watch to see what other stories this author will write. Very well done, LHCosway

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