The Mistress Mistake - Lynda Chance another good Lynda Chance book, but not an easy read.
Lynda Chance books always make me feel emotion, there's something in the combination of an uber-alpha male and his single-minded, targeted pursuit of the heroine that LC does so well. She never fails to make me feel the urgency, the anxiety, the relief and all other emo things that both the characters are going through. In this way, I think this is another successful book by LC, a roller-coaster ride of emotions, even if the events that occur are cruel and sad.
Connor was an unusually cruel man, for his age, certainly, and I don't know if I could believe that being loved by his wife/survivor's guilt was reason enough to ever treat a woman like a piece of meat. In fact, that is what he does and reverts back to for most of the book. There were no soft spots on this man, he was all hard edges, all the time. Even when he came to his senses I found it too little too late. In all, a difficult man to see as a Hero in a romance, but a well written book by a skilled author.

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