Obsession - Florencia Bonelli 5 stars for this story, it was a captivating read!
What a great journey through the lives of Eliah and Matilde! It started with tension and ended with the same and in between the story of these two surprisingly likeable people captured me. Although quite cliched and vaguely disconnected on some occasions, the structuring of this book was very good. This was for two reasons, one, was simply Eliah. Somehow, the Hero is a super-spy-merc-hot-guy who is quite the family man, this I liked because the author very skillfully made Eliah not so much of an isolated fighting machine as spy heroes often are, and in doing so humanized him for me, made him more real. The second reason this story was good for me, was because although the ending was not the best possible, it was still satisfying and for a 600+ page book, I thought it ended in a place that allows the characters a little room to grow. They need that, in my opinion.
The action suspense part of the book made little impact on me, there was a lot going on, but I would not read this book for espionage thriller suspense with chases and gunfights. This is not that story. The best part of this book for me was not in getting history lessons either, it was in the high-strung powerful relationship that these two very different people were trying to have. There was a lot of dialogue in this book and it was sometimes bumpy because it was clear this is a translation, in trying to stay true to the moment or the expressions of the original, sometimes the nuances of English that would have been helpful, were missing. Nevertheless, this book charmed me for its novelty in the setting, the characters, perhaps not so much the passionate romance, but definitely for intriguing me enough to want to read the continuation. I recommend this book and am anticipating the next one.

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