Fire Inside  - Kristen Ashley I absolutely adored this book, read it now!!
How does KA do this, she takes a story and turns it into an experience. I loved and adored the characters in this book, this is a keeper for my re-read shelf. Amazingly well characterized, KA took the sadness in both these people and made it happy and real. It was almost too intimate, the moments between Hop and Lanie, when they hurt each other and went 'there', the place you are told you should never go. But they went and came back somehow, mostly because they were both inherently strong people but more because of the love they had discovered and it was not at anyone else's expense as is often written in KA's stories. I don't know how two books, could be so different but OTW was not good and this one by far redeemed KA in my eyes. I enjoyed this book and recommend it highly!!!

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