Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley I fought really hard to care about Tab and Shy, but it didn't happen for me.
I read this book after the hype died down, all the discussions over and I read it just because I have always liked the characters KA creates. In this one too, I liked them, but barely. I could not feel for the loss of Jason, he was barely in the book anyway and seemed to be just another layer in the building of Tab's character. The same with Rosalie, in fact she was in the book why, to show us that Shy was really just a friend to Tab and that he would pretty much turn on a dime if he saw an opportunity he did not want to miss out on. As for Tabby she spent the beginning of the book acting out, and I immediately took a dislike to her that nothing that came later could undo. This did not bode well for the eternal love image that was being built up here. I think that these characters were also paler and lesser images of Tack and Tyra, so much so that they seemed caricature-like. Lastly, I was a little tired of the repeated lecture-y paragraphs regarding what it took to be a badass, an old lady, a biker badass, the life, the club and whatnot. i get it now, its not why I read romance, so please let the next few books be less a study in badass-ery, and more about erotic romance.

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