Shadowed (Brides of the Kindred, #8) - Evangeline Anderson She did it again, I love this series, its an absolute escape!
Yes, EA did it again, this is erotic escapism at its best. Nothing cannot happen in this series, there are no boundaries and its all seamlessly stitched together with a solid sense of humour and and a bittersweet journey through space and romance. I loved this book about Nina and Reddix, mainly because I really liked both characters and the plot was non-original but cute. Made me want to sit down and read the lot from the beginning, which is now 8 good books about interesting characters, the women and their kindred lovers. What a world to imagine and sustain, EA, surprises me everytime with a new couple and their unique story. I was more than glad that there was not an uber-evil villain in this book that we had to spend pages on, in fact the book happily for me concentrated on Reddix and Nina, just the way I want. Also the story is satisyingly long and overall, one more great read from this excellent and prolific author.

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