Forbidden - Evangeline Anderson Odd dialogue, but very provocative erotica.
I went into reading this book, not having a clue, what it was about, except that I actually thought it was another in the series of sci-fi erotica from EA. It isn't, by the way, or maybe it is connected, because the whole deity alien thing is interwoven in this series. In any case, the story was about a brother and sister who weren't really brother and sister, so I read most of book looking through my fingers, it did not stop me because its well written but it was shocking, until the penny dropped, which was pretty early in the story. The dialogue is what I found to be more unique than the story line, between Owen and Leah, maybe because the topic is awkward, reading it is awkward.......but it is unique and had me shaking my head, yes while I was reading trying to filter through my fingers. This book is certainly memorable, highly contrived but memorable.

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