Burn - Maya Banks So done with MB, if you're looking for romance with zero chemistry, this is your book!,
This was a bad read. Its never a good thing if while I am reading, every other page and scene, makes me think 'WEIRD!'. This was primarily because of the lack of chemistry between whatzisface and Josie. No wonder, because although he's supposed to be hot yet laid back, he speaks without pronouns when referring to himself. He is so arrogant that he does not need to. There is so much talk about emotions between the men, even while they are flipping each other off and saying, we need to speak less of our emotions. There was so much talk about girl's night out, it seemed that was the only event to look forward to in the book. It was not realistic in the least and even in a fiction story, this went too far. I suppose, in this series and now in a lot of others too, there a sense of alpha-maleness and cute-girliness that appears on loan from Kristen Ashley style books, which is fine, except that the closeness of the scenes and the conversation style seems as if this author might be trying to hard. It is amazing to me that this is the same person who wrote the sweet series. She should have just stopped there.

In any case, in this book, if you can distract yourself from whatzisface's conversation style and the cliched storyline, there is little else to entertain in the rest of the story. The bdsm elements primarily consist of saying, do you trust me, yes, I do and follow up beatings and croppings. At one time, whatzisface even says to her, when she is concerned about feeling pain "put aside the pain, baby". Oh really? How eloquent, Mr.Dom, yah, that's gonna work out really well. At the end, reading this book just convinced me that, Maya Banks, is done with writing good books and I will not be bothering to read anymore books from her.

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