Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux superb! fresh, exciting and with just the right touch of angst.
I have adored these books and more than anything else, I respect this author's work for keeping the stories moving, fresh and ridiculously hot. Sherlock Holmes and James Watson are my favorite detective-friend coupling and these guys may be my second favorite. I loved the introduction of Annie and Harrison, the dad. They were great, but that Beverly, could someone do us all a favor and detach her from the stick she is impaled on? She was worse than the villains in this book!! It seems to me that the women that are awful in these books like Zane's mom and the profiler from the first book are just too evil to be believed. There are those that are kind like Mara and Annie and they save these books from only showing women as one-dimensional characters who appear to be mostly barmaids for 1NSs, macho FBI agents or just randomly fawning all over these good-looking men. I was so glad that once again these two men showed they were there for each other, time and time again, which made my heart happy and I think this was one more excellent addition to this series.

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