Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux I read this book and I read it again immediately!
This book was everything I wanted to read at this stage in Ty and Zane's relationship. I liked that they were thrown together again with a small break. After the way the previous book ended with a big old angst ending, I could not have taken a long separation. I don't want either of these two to be alone, coz, they're crazy and we all know it, lol. I loved the introduction of Julian and Cameron, what a sweet man, very cuddly indeed. I am completely in love with these characters, even Nick who was a little annoying in the previous book, but he turned out ok here. I loved most books with a road trip, for leisure or work, it is like armchair traveling for me and I always love the chance of discovering something new for the characters. This book was no exception, although it was a little crazy that all these guys were supposed to be highly trained mastermind sorts but they could not figure out how to get into DC without being caught, hmmmmm. Ty in this book, turned out better and better to me, I have always liked Zane more, and in this book, Ty's honesty made me relieved both for him and Zane. I recommend this series highly, this author is able to bring something fresh to every new book, keeping the theme of Ty and Zane's love as central to the books, which I love.

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