Siren in Bloom - Sophie Oak One of my favorite books in this series. A must read.
I am always amazed at Sophie Oak's stories, with the way they pull you in and don't let go. This story about Wolf, Leo and the sweetest heroine, Shelly and it is one of the best books, character-wise, story-wise, humour-wise. I did not mind the suspense part of the book, it was short enough and done well. I got a little annoyed that most of these characters were set up in the previous books, so the long journey into their thought processes was redundant, even to someone reading the book as a standalone for the first time. This is erotica and I want mostly erotica. I get the struggle for emotions but the story is hardly a realistic one and I personally read Sophie Oak books as an escape. I managed to overlook it in this book, because this is one of the most engaging books ever with charming characters and SO is always a must-buy for me. I recommend this book highly.

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