Finding Hart - Ella Fox Better than the last, good epilogue, 2.5 stars,
I liked this book better than the last one, there were some good moments in the book, but they were few and far between. I did not like Dominique in the earlier books and she wasn't much better in this, the epilogue was sweet though. The kidnapping action-section was too long and most of the time, Mike was telling people to hold themselves together and wait. In the meantime, the sister's were in dire trouble but other than repetitively saying that everyone loved everyone else, not much was actually happening. The different points of view were equally distracting when there were lives of two victims being held by killer maniacs in the balance and I thought that was another waste of time. Spencer and Delilah were sweet as always not enough to compensate for all the other randomness of this book. I give up on this series. Now.

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