Cutters vs. Jocks - Elizabeth Marx An appropriate prequel to the longer novel.
This was ok to read, I got that they fell in love although they never said it. I don't know what cutter, jock, townie or any of the other lingo meant but I got the idea that they two people came from different worlds, as defined by geography and socio-economic status. I did not like Libby, she was indifferent and that made me indifferent to her. I could see how that indifference would be a draw to an achiever like Aidan, men love a woman who treats them bad but just enough to keep them coming back. This is often translated to love in young people, after all why would someone keep coming back to that if there was not some strong emotion that keeps pulling a person back. It was sad that Aidan's parents were not much of an influence in his life, because although he attributes his thinking to them somewhat, they could advised him differently, as seen in the second book.

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