Texas Men - Delilah Devlin Short but well written light erotica.
I love DD writing, but the stories are too short. If they were purely erotic then I could get that, but these are interconnected and the build up in each case is towards a forever kind of love, so the characters feel incomplete which makes the story feel the same. i loved the first one about Cody and Tammy, it is quite unique and my heart broke for Cody who struggled to get over his past. The second book about Sarah and Joe could have been better if there had been some substance to it, but it was funny and entertaining. The third story of Logan and Amy was adorable but again ended too soon for me to feel that this was more than an 1NS, but in my imagination they will be happy. I am not sure I would recommend these because the only strong thing about these stories is skillful writing of this author, but overall missing the feel-good factor.

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