Hold 'Em - Katie Porter The best of the series, exceptionally well written and hot! 6 stars!
I have to thank the authors for many things about this book, first of course is that although this book is connected to the two other books (Double Down, Inside Bet) which built up this story, these are STANDALONE stories, no need to buy a bunch of other books or wait for some concluding book to come out after 12 months because the last book ended in a cliffhanger. Thank you, thank you and did I mention....thank you! To me this is a mark of a thoughtful writer, in this case two, and someone who is writing for the same pleasure that I will read the book with, no commercial tricks to hinder the process of enjoying a story. Getting off the soap-box now. A few other things to thank these authors for....although the book explores the idea of BDSM with a male sub, the story rings true, as opposed to some other writers in the BDSM romance genre who create these godawful female characters who really haven't developed into their own character, we as readers are just supposed to believe that they came out of the womb waving canes and floggers and such, inflicting pain on every man they come across for some kind of dom-space endorphins, gag! I haven't finished reading this book but am so absolutely pleased to read a good book, finally, that I have stopped to write this review and add to the other good reviews for this book. Also, thank you for making this a book about romance, not the forced-action-packed-suspense-driven-overworked-theme a lot of romance writers settle for (thus forcing us, the readers to settle too). Now the most important thank you...thank you for Michael, a male lead that will remain with me for long after I have read this book. What an amazing hero to read about...he made everyone else in the book look good ( including characters from the previous books) especially Leah! Now she is a bad-ass woman (without the filthy mouth and bloodthirst of other badass heroines) but her struggle is apparent from the beginning of the book, but you know while you read that she's gotta be one hell of a well balanced person to be in the military as a fighter pilot who trains other fighter pilots. I cannot express more emphatically how much I like this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves romance!

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