Tatiana and Alexander (The Bronze Horseman, #2) - Paullina Simons outstanding and an emotional loop-the-loop!!
This book amazed me, its the toughest of all three books in this trilogy to read. This is when the destruction of war is laid out before us in all its gritty detail. I could not stop reading, read it one go, maybe I did not even blink throughout those hours because it sure felt like everything hurt after reading this book. There was no way I was not going to read it though. What amazed me were not the historic details, the why and how of the separation of Tatiana and Alexander, the war setting, the lead up to re-union, the angst of living life like there is no tomorrow, no....what still makes me take a deep breath after reading this book is the amazing love that Alexander had for his Tatiana. That's what I remember, even when he could not know he was going to ever see her again he was true to his feelings and that just floors me. If this is the kind of emotion you haven't read about before, then here it is laid out in front of you with the ugliest part of life as the context for something amazingly beautiful.

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