The Summer Garden (The Bronze Horseman, #3) - Paullina Simons Riveting and grand continuation to the saga....
This book to me, encompassed the amazing life story of two of the most riveting characters I have ever read. There did not seem to be a dull moment in this part of the saga, I was surprised. I think that it could not have been written better. Not once did I feel that Tatiana and Alexander had drifted into different life paths, even though that was part of the drama that happens in this story. There was no true disaffection between these two people, and they did not lack for passion. That is what made it a true love story to me, because that's what happens to that life gets in the way and people drift apart and then they never see their way back again. This did not happen here, came close by a hair but no, this story remained a love story to the end. Thank you Paullina Simons, for this amazing story.

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