Wanderlust - Skye Warren Poetic, beautiful and raw, my heart was captured by this story!
This is a very well-written but short book. Evie and Hunter came from sadness to somehow find and hold on to their fragile peace. I am conflicted as to whether I wanted more characterization and drama or if I had got it making the book longer, would I be able to handle it? Who knows? There wasn't a whole lot of dialogue in this book and that did frustrate me, but the simplicity of this author's writing brought out what I most needed to know about these two people. They had scars on the outside and scars on the inside but each had a core of strength, allowing them to accept each others flaws and even make the sacrifice of freedom for one another. A modern Gift of the Magi, in my humble opinion, a story that is eternal. This was simple and it was beautiful. Very very well done!!!

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