This Man Confessed (This Man, #3) - Jodi Ellen Malpas All good now, I enjoyed finding out all the secrets and there were many!
I was not pleased when I read the previous books and found them disjointed because although they were intense and long, they brought up more questions than they answered. So I thought the pacing was not well-thought out. Now that I have read the final book I am pleased to say that there were many secrets revealed in this last book, some of which may make the previous books make more sense now. Overall, after reading all three books, I can say that this quite a satisfying romp through the sexual adventures of these two dramatic, very dramatic people. I think I will read all three books in one go and enjoy them better now that the gaps have been filled. I still believe that this story was over-long for the content and normally I would happily read about two people (or more) and their romantic/erotic journey, but this story seemed to wind around unnecessarily in the middle. I am also happily giving this last book 5 stars because I believe that this author's writing style has become more polished and tighter. I enjoyed this last book much more because it was more polished that the previous books and I recommend reading this series, in order of course, now that the final book is out.

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