Everyone Loves a Hero....and that's the problem - Marie Force Why did I wait so long to read this? It is one sweet read.
I loved this story. It had a bit of a slow start, from just after Olivia and Cole meet, to the point where it really began to get better for me. Cole might be one of the sweetest heroes I have ever read about, in fact he was so nice it was slightly unbelievable. He was in trouble though in the beginning and for a little while there I did not want to to read further, because I thought that this can only get ugly. Apparently he was so smoking hot that women would get tunnel vision around him and they would jump him to get his number. I am happy to suspend disbelief most of the time, when it comes to romance books, its really fantasy, but this seems to be the over-the-top plot trick for a lot of books nowadays. I can say that I don't know any women who behave like this when they see men, in the course of their daily lives, nor do I know any men, some who are physically gorgeous who inspire this level of admiration and loss of control. What I am saying is, there is some amount of eye-rolling that might happen while reading this book. The rest of the book was just sweet, the heroine was my favorite type, a lovely woman who should get good things in life and she did. Cole was also a sweetheart and at least during the course of the book treated women well. All in all, a good book and a very sweet romance.

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