The Legend (Racing on the Edge, #5) - Shey Stahl Get out your highlighter, there are some great one-liners in this book!!
Clearly better written than the rest of the series, this book was to me the roller coaster ride part of the Riley family life. It took me days to finish the book, not because the book is super long but because it took me a while to absorb what this book made me feel. I can tell you, I wanted to punch the villain, cry for the champion, laugh hysterically with the family and just watch the kaleidoscope of characters within. It is not often a book takes over my life like this, but I think for those that have read these books and seen the sheer dedication of this author to her story, i think it deserves to be a story to savor. Also there are some zingers in this book... that for sheer entertainment kept me going even when I was sad or angry with what was going on in the story.
My only criticism at the end of it, was once again the repetition, albeit with good grammar and spelling.......and the slight sense of smugness between Shay and Jameson. The story which was often told through the thoughts of one or the other, came across as smug when they spoke of their great love, it may not have been intentional but to me it seems that if their love was indeed great, they should spend less time explaining it through their internal dialogue. As a reader, i got it, it was my discovery to make and savor not necessarily something to be pointed out to me all the time.

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