Black Flag - Shey Stahl the second in the series, great book with some heartbreaking moments
This second book was a good continuation to the first one, frankly I purchased all five in this series of books at once, and this one is quite a roller-coaster ride of emotions, sadness, shock and laughter all within the setting of car racing and this great family SS has created for us. By the time of reading this book, I was so invested in these characters, I would have been happy if SS just described all the lovely, happy, funny, silly things that go on without any of the sad bits. But the sad parts are there and I felt that this time (more so than in the first book) I was able to understand Jameson and his frustration. That something terrible happens to "pigizzle" Sway, made me so sad and made me I can tell you that to me this second book was a success, because it took me on that emotional ride that a good and talented author can deliver to her readers.

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