Creed (Unfinished Hero, #2) - Kristen Ashley I enjoyed Creed, eternal love-drama-dialogue-all of it!
I enjoyed this book immensely, Kristen Ashley (KA) has the ability to create a world of characters and stories that take me another place, which is exactly what I want from a fictional romance story. KA has a very typical writing voice with roundabout sentences to describe people and situations and a dialogue of spoken phrases not complete sentences to portray familiarity (imho), but is very adept at bringing her characters to life in this world she has created. Certainly she does a great job because I have read all of her contemporary romances and they appeal to my expectations of drama in romance. We get it in over-the-top media crime programs and historical dramas, not mention pseudo-scripted reality shows, it makes me happy to see someone bringing drama to the world of erotic romance. At the same time, I thought most of the portrayal of characters was real, I can quite easily imagine a place where these people exist and care about each other and through KA's series of books, I get to know them and care to know more. There were a couple of things that jarred with me, the crude internal/vocal dialogue of Sylvie and her extreme edginess, in the first third of the book, this was where I skimmed a lot, because it was a bit much. I did not know why she was that way and I wasn't sure I wanted to keep reading about her, but I was soon caught up in the story and then it just seemed a minor incongruity. If I re-read this story I will start it when Creed is making ziti and on from there!!! The other was the overwhelming and quick acceptance of Creed's children toward's Sylvie and that they seemed to almost love their to-be stepmother more than their own mother, they seemed to be more taken by the love story between Sylvie and Creed, like us, the readers not like the story-children of the hero. It seemed illogical that Kara would think she would get more time with her father once he was settled with his one true love, Sylvie and establishing a new family, but then it's KA's world and I was just visiting so I guess it could be possible. The beautiful parts of the story were the flashbacks, when we see how the love story really developed between them and of course it was bittersweet because we also knew they would be separated for a really long time. I commend KA for writing another great love story and look forward to the next.

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