His Slave, His Princess: Collared by the Billionaire Prince - Tanya Korval Strange mashup, but entertaining nevertheless.
This was an odd read, there were a few themes mashed up in here, but somehow it worked as a book. I could not imagine the frustration of reading this as a serial, it would be awful, but as a book, I thought it was ok. There was insta-nudity, insta-sex, insta-love which made the book odd, but there was also a royal vs. military coup plot and the threat of bdsm, in the background. The bdsm was not in the forefront of this story so I can't even imagine why it was there, but it all played into the fastasy of this European country called Asteria which has its own laws regarding the people and their behaviour. At the end, I would not recommend this book because there are better books out there but in case you already have the book, it makes for a short interesting read.

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