One Shot - Laurie Roma Drags a bit but still entertaining
I am not usually a fan of the badass heroine, Tara seemed like she was OTT hard and a fighting machine, but she was ok. I realise that all the friendly touches and familiar behaviour between this lot of quite unprofessional super-agents was included to endear these characters to the reader, and for the most I went along with it. There was one point that really made me wonder though if this book that was supposedly erotica mixed with romantic suspense, did not stretch even my elastic imagination past its breaking point. That was when Mikayla, the sniper got the shakes after her 200th kill. Where Tara is feeling for her because when you get to 200 kills for a sniper, it can be really rough to take for the sniper, especially one with a big heart!!! Hmmmm, not the most appropriate description according to me and quite disturbing but I plodded on and came to the last sentence Tara says before the end of the story. Not brilliant but a fitting end to this story full of cliches.

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