Call on Me - Angela Verdenius This was a sweet read. 3.5 stars,
I liked this book, I liked the characters and it was a light shortish read with some erotic moments. I liked that it was mostly about the relationship between Ghost, whom I adored and Ali whom I liked. It followed the friend to lovers theme that I love in romance books and that part was done very well indeed. The dialogue was snappy and entertaining. Pacing of this story was too slow for my tastes and there was way too much time spent in Ali's head while she sorted out their entire history it seemed, when she was understandably worried about how things would end. However, I did not need to know all of those details and I skimmed quite a bit. I wished they would have also spent more time together in the book because when they did, it made it a way better book. I thought the set up was well done for the coming books in this new series of standalone books and I look forward as always to reading AV books because they are sweet, funny and lovely.

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