The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers An emotional read, very real people and feelings, a good but short novel.
This short story was a beautiful glimpse into the beginning of two people's journey. It was real and it was sad, but both Carrie and Brian were truly strong people, who could give more of themselves than most people do. I liked reading about that because although most romances are written as hot or sexy or charming, not many are written as this one was, with generosity that came from the heart and togetherness that started as abject loneliness. This author is skilled and was able to push me through quite a few emotions by the time the book ended. I thought the ending was not good because nothing in the book indicated that it would end there, so it was an abrupt surprise for me. Also on the kindle, when books end @85% with a long advert for another book, its just odd, then the fact that it had a good solid story line that could have been taken a little bit further (hopefully not part of a serial, though) and ended more satisfactorily, i did not like the ending much.

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