Lick - Kylie Scott Relatively angst free for this theme, and the writing was good.

I found the writing of this book more charming than the story itself. I found the heroine's voice and her arguments with herself amusing indeed. It was good to read about a character that gave herself a couple of mental slaps every now and then, to keep herself in balance. It was fiction, so I could believe this of a young girl of 21, but it did not really fit. The hero was a rock band musician/performer but again seemed way more down to earth, this I actually liked, he seemed to be able to grasp reality a lot better than many other bad boy-rocker romance heroes out there, but again the incongruity of the H and h jumping into wife-and-husband coupledom for life and their easy acceptance of that, was a bit much to take. There was a good grovel in the book after they broke up (for weird behaviour) and at the end it was apparent that David and Evelyn did love each other. I liked the story overall and I think this author is a skilled writer whose work I will read in the future.

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