Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan A solid 3.5 stars from a new writer and i cant wait to see what comes next!!!,
I read this book expecting a military romance and some heartbreak, passion and above all a sense of humour. This is exactly what I got. The heartbreak was sad although it was obvious there were some uplifting moments to come, but the heroine was a victim for too long in the book. This made me sad and i couldn't wait till the good moments started. I liked Axel's character and the way he was portrayed but Izzy acted out a lot, it was difficult to see her as a grown woman, she had a long way to go, it seemed. I was also frustrated by the fact that it took more than 45% of the book before they even got together in the present, but in the meantime we did get to meet Greg who gave me the shivers (of the good kind) and I can't wait for his book. In all, i liked the story and the passion with which the characters loved one another, the violence and uber-hateful villainy I gladly skipped over, the secondary characters were great and I look forward to more from this new author.

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