Untitled (Masters of the Shadowlands, #7) - Cherise Sinclair a well written book, I love the shadowlands series,
I have always loved this series and this book is one of the best from CS. I thought that this hero was very well written and his role as a sadist was probably more subdued than would normally be but it was very appropriate for a man who is dealing with an abused woman. One thing that I don't usually like about BDSM themed books is their focus on abused women, it is depressing and this one was too, but Linda's character was written in a way that made her rise above her past, so it was uplifting. I think CS's writing is exceptionally smooth and clearly this series is a soft spot for her too, because it seems as if there is a lot more emotional investment in these stories than in others. All in all, a good read, sweet and hot. I am glad to be back in the Shadowlands with these characters again.

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