Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1) - R.K. Lilley 2.5* for this one

I thought this book was acceptable for the length and flow. I did not like either of the characters and their behavior. I particularly did not like that Tristan was the type of man who had to be "held on a leash" by a woman, in order for him not to have indiscriminate sex with other women. In the time they separated it was probably realistic that he would have slept around but it is not what I want to read about in a Hero, it came across as sleazy. In this, I did believe that Danika was only setting herself up for failure because a man like this will usually take what is offered then make excuses later.........a break up, a long separation, ambient groupies throwing themselves at him, any of these things could be used as an excuse. As a book about two such people involved with each other, it was believable, only it was not romantic to me, just gritty and sad.

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