Rock with Me - Kristen Proby the book seemed rushed and disconnected, the heroine is not nice.
I did not understand the connection between Sam and Leo. I am not sure I would have liked Sam to be with any other type of hero either, she had a lot of growing up to do and this made for a unpleasant read. She says it about herself in the book that she is not a nice person, to paraphrase the more commonly used term for this, I agree, she was. Now why would I spend money to read about such a person as the MC in a romance? I felt sorry for Leo having to deal with her, although I did not see his side of the story and was mostly not sympathetic towards him either. The groupie and the friend with benefits were thrown into the story only to let us know, errrm what? That these two people were rude and obnoxious, I think, if they were more mature they would have handled both situations better but I guess that was not really the point. These little situations were thrown into the book so that we know for sure that both of them are hot! hot! hot! This is redundant because they keep telling us that in her POV, his POV, switch-repeat. Finally, I did not like the cover, she looks unhappy and he looks unhappy about her being unhappy.....the whole thing made me unhappy.

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