Everything Changes - Shey Stahl A sweet and simple book
What was clear from the beginning of this book, was that both Parker and Rowan were young and imperfect and they knew it. I am not convinced they really loved each other, but for most of the book they were teenagers or little older and that was ok. This is not a tale of extraordinary meant-to-be deep-rooted forever-in-love emotions, in fact I read this book as that of two people strangely dancing around one another, not knowing why they did. I did not really see their behavior as plainly selfish, when it mostly was, I just saw it as the confused reactions of two people who did not know how to be together when they were not having sex. I think this reflects reality more so than most romance books and therefore did not really see the romance in this book. It is a good book though, quite a few typos and missing words, but still good when read as just a simple tale of two people who met young and how they got together in the end.

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