Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1) - Abbi Glines A sweet book, that Woods was hot!
I liked this book very much, it was sweet, medium length and just how I wanted to read Woods story. I thought it was interesting that Della's story was difficult and that Woods was so supportive. In the beginning I thought that the book might turn out to be not at all what I like to read in a heroine but a few pages in and I started to really like both characters. The story was dramatic and it has been done before but I liked that it was the Hero who was controlled by family not the heroine. It is not often that stories are written this way, and Woods quickly turned the situation around to be with Della. What I would have liked was the complete story, I am not sure that this story needs another book, it really wasn't so long, it could have been resolved without making the readers wait. I think by chopping it up into pieces the readers, like me, will lose interest by the time the second book comes around. I wish the author would realize this because, although this book was good, it was not so rich in details and plot to warrant another book, and definitely not waiting months until the next one comes out.

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