Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander A good read but very slow paced.
This book was a good mm romance. I think it only started to pick up at roughly 30% of the book. The plot line of the award winning actor was quite unbelievable but still acceptable, yet it was annoying to read about all the security and surveillance of this Hollywood star. I guess it might be true but since the story was not centered on this why go into lengthy back story and detail. I thought the Texas background of both the men and their family history was far more interesting and it was sad to know how Kitt's sad childhood molded him into the man he became, uncommunicative and fearful. In fact his fear drives most of the story and he frustratingly kept retreating from Austin at every step of the way. In a sense the story was less about romance and more about one man's path through a life driven by uncertainty and fear. There were many typos in this book but not so much as to upset me, and overall, i thought it was a decent read about two people who fell in love under difficult circumstances.

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