Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle, #2) - Kristen Proby A feel good book with many disjointed moments
This book could have been much much better, even if was just a sweet love story with minimal conflict. I don't even have a problem with the unrealistic nature of almost everything in the book, from looks to wealth to lifestyle, although I might have rolled my eyes a few times. In the words of the heroine, everyone in her family comes from an extraordinary gene pool, this statement cracked me up, because its just so wrong!!!
What I did have a problem was with the way the conflict played out and the re-union after that. It turns out that Nate became cold-eyed and distant when the h is called in to respond to the charges of violating the no-fraternization policy, and he does nothing. Well that's not the only time he does nothing, when he chases her to her home to explain, he takes the time to kiss her and take back his necklace, but is unable to utter the single sentence explanation that we ultimately do get for his weird behavior. I don't ask for a tight-plot with intricately weaved suspense in books such as this, but in making the conflict so lame, I think this author was plain lazy. Was this dumbed down for some reason, could we as readers have not followed his clever clever reasoning as to why he behaved that way? It seems the author thinks so.
At the end, both characters come together almost seamlessly, even though he is currently being mauled by the one person who shouldn't be there, the despicable ex-wife, once again the moment of truth somehow comes about via the presence of chocolate cheesecake, lobster and her favorite brand of champagne in the fridge waiting around for days(?), and somehow she just knows the ex-wife is lying and trying to cause trouble. This reader is perplexed, for such a high strung, high-maintenance woman this was odd, but by this time, I just wanted to put the book down and finish it already.
I have no issue with the quantities of sex in this book, the super-sweet relationships, the extraordinary people, but I do have issues with lazy writing and editing (if there was any), this was clearly the result of the latter and I don't appreciate it.

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