Hard Way - Katie Porter Violent and confused people, hardly a romance.
This book went to a very unexpected and unpleasant place, in fact it was so unusually harsh that it was unbelievable. That's a lot of un-words but it is how I feel at the end of reading this book. The authors are skilled writers and I have read their stories before, and loved the story of Mike and Leah.
In this book, something was very twisted in the nature of these people which then made it hard to read, which then had me digging further to find a scrap of romance in the entire book, I ignored the epilogue because it didn't fit the characters, but that was just the last two pages. I particularly did not like Sunita, she was very uptight and wanted to play games with her husband's emotions rather than struggle with him to find resolution to their problems, in fact the potential OM was in the background throughout the course of the book. She was hardly admirable because she didn't know what she wanted from life yet her biggest gripe with her husband was exactly the same. As for Liam, I can't say anything about him because he was confused about everything. If this book was supposed to portray the reality of life and marriage of many years and its effect on a man, then this Hero story really belongs in that genre of book, as it was he has these crazed episodes of wanting to possess and claim his woman as she is threatening divorce and there was just no redeeming emotional quality about this Hero that would make me say I read a romance.
I will tread very carefully in the future when it comes to these author's books, this was an unpleasant read, the only reason I gave it 2stars is because of Mike, gorgeous Mike from the previous book.

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