Fever - Maya Banks Lots of problems with this book.
I like Maya Banks writing for the most part, she is a skilled story-teller and her Sweet series were great in the beginning. So I expected polished product and I got one. But thats about all I liked. I had many issues that kept dragging me out of the story. The similarity to another millionaire with killer good looks who is into BDSM. A woman who appears to be a victim and will probably stay one for the rest of her life, I could not see as a heroine in any way. Details such as her being homeless but also walking around in the world with just the clothes on her back, not even a coat, especially through a New York winter season. Her past as suggested and narrated as being a prostitute and substance abuse, but she doesn't need even a minute of psychological help to get past it, she just needs a man who wants to give her pain and somehow she is more well-balanced emotionally than most of the other people in the book, huh. A rich man who opens his house and home and family in an instant to a woman off the streets. And no man actually talks the way these men do, i just don't believe that they get so touchy-feely, a New Yorker, millionaires included is more likely to run you over, just to catch a cab than have all these old-worldly attitudes, it was just not believable to me. The most surprisingly bad thing about the book was that I found the club scene to be a blatant rip off of scenes from Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick and Dream man books, down to the cuteness of the heroine and the growling of the heroes. I was pretty surprised by this because it is so blatantly done. So, the book is a mish-mash of Pretty woman, Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to you, Sex and the City and Rock Chicks. I can handle similarity in stories, but what happened in this book, was so jarring that, it made it impossible for me to finish the book without the feeling that maybe this author has nothing original left to say.

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