Rules of Entanglement (Fighting for Love, #2) - Gina L. Maxwell Better than the last book, but the heroine was too uptight
I think this book has the most uptight heroine I have ever read about. But she wasn't bad to read, i just felt that Jax deserved better than her. But it was real because so often in life great guys will choose these very difficult women to fall in love with and so reading this book was like that. I felt sorry for him, because it seemed that those were not mere sparks flying between them but more like knife edges and when people are like that they rarely change, and its a lifetime of walking on eggshells that the partner has really signed up for. The reason I did like the book though was because it was well-written, not very sexy though, quite bland in that respect, but still a well-written book. Its a little long, and usually I like longer books, but this one dragged a bit when either the hero or heroine stopped to give a one-page summary of where their heads were at, every now and then. Lawyery sounding? Yes. So a decent read i think for the forced-situation-wedding-sharing-a-cabana story line, but I did not really connect with the characters.

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