Beyond Control - Kit Rocha lots of sex, very little romance...
I read this book and for most part it was tough going because the story keeps shifting as if the authors lost their focus from the main couple. There was a lot of sex in this book and only once when Dallas really takes control, it feels like he really loves Lex and that was about the only romance in the book. There was a lot of stuff about fingering each other and giving looks and group sex, thinking about sex, set up for sex, blah blah blah, and because for the most part I did not get what the conflict was between Dallas and Lex, it was quite meaningless. The entire book until the last scene where they make up, in fact even the previous book, seems to be leading up to something, what this is..... I have no idea. Another jarring thing about both books in this series, is that the couple never really talk with one another until the end, they don't have trouble speaking about feelings just never with one another, and almost every love scene ends with a shattering climax and then a scene shift to a totally new character that I am not certain I care about at that point. These stories are full of smex but very disjointed. The king and queen stuff surprised me because I thought they were supposed to be anti-establishment, instead they were dynasty-building, just as the hated Eden is described. This seemed off. Also, if you go in expecting really tough post-Flare people and society descriptions, yes there is some of that, but there's also a lot of talk about feelings and setting up parties and political summits and such. As I read this book I really wondered if I would ever read it again, probably not.

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