Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha on the fence about this book, it seemed abbreviated for a 2 couple story
I think this book was ok. Just ok. For a two couple story and that's how I think of it, it should have been longer and each couple should have been given more character development. I liked the sex, but it bordered on clinical. What I liked about it, the little we got to know Jasper, what an amazing hero, but he could have been given much more page space. In not doing so, I feel a bit cheated. What I disliked, as Noelle is struggling to get to know her new environment and the people in it, all the paragraphs showing her struggle end with these very pithy statements, by Lex or Ace or Dallas, I was never sure where they led. I could understand that Noelle is supposed to stay confused for most of the book but not the reader surely, this is not a suspense novel. In fact it happened so many times, that it seems like a ploy to get readers to buy the next book and the next and the next in order to satisfy our curiosity about this world of sectors outside of Eden. Hmmm, not sure I liked the book, hence, I am on the fence. Would I recommend this to my friends, probably not.

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